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Technical specifications and assets

The problem:

Typical problems in offset printing are:

  • too much dot gain,
  • visually obtrusive rosettes,
  • moiré
  • missing details in shadow and light areas.

A fundamental problem in offset printing is the coarse screen ruling that is used in order to be able to print at very high speeds. If a finer ruling is used, dot gain increases. If dot gain is compensated for by lowering the tonal transfer curve, the images lose contrast and detail. At the same time the darker areas become plugged, resulting in loss of shadow details.
Further problems create the abrupt tonal changes that can be seen at the point where halftone dots first touch each other. In normal diagonal screens, this happens in the scale of 50 percent.(Bild) The resulting jumps in flesh tones are particularly annoying in portraits (ads for cosmetica or photos in the editorial sections).


The solution: SandyProfessional

SandyScreen`s revolutionary new printing element SandyProfessional replaces the traditional AM screens and offers in production and stability noticeable advantages against traditional AM, hybrid and FM screening methods.

The patented SandyProfessional screen geometry shows two distinctive differentiations:
Instead of a diagonally running, SandyProfessional elements are arranged vertically and horizontally. (Bild)
This arrangement plus the particular dot shape make the dots touch each other at a screen value above 90 %.

Close the door on dot closure!

konventionell   SandyProfessional



Safe production due to skillfully handled parameters

Through adaptation of the parameters of different product variants in the gradation curves, the specific requirements of each individual print product can be adjusted with SandyProfessional in a targeted and ideal manner.

The parameters of print, paper, colour, exposure units and plate are thus coordinated with one another and depicted in the RIP with the evaluated gradation curve so that you can retain your normal production procedure. This results in improved image quality in almost every respect.


Tonal value

The increase of tonal value in:

  • newspaper rotations, including water-free ones!
  • job roller offset machines.
  • sheet offset machines

is also taken into account in the parameter calculation when installing gradation curves in the RIP.



With SandyProfessional screen percentages of 1-99% can be calculated in a targeted and precise manner in accordance with the respective strengths and weaknesses of the printing technique used and can be ideally adapted to the existing operational circumstances.


Freestanding dots

Due to the fact that the individual screen cells are always freestanding, this quality-modulated screen technology also ensures better moisture drainage in the job roller area during printing. (Reduction of paper waves and passer problems)


Safe production with SandyProfessional

  • optimal light and shadow details
  • no dot closure up to 99%
  • no loss of colour shades compared with the original data
    supplied, thus guaranteeing optimal rendering of the
    original in the print reproduction
  • The plate repeatability is x-times absolutely identical and
    shows no shifts in tonal value.
  • no more disturbing moirés and mechanical breaks.
  • no annoying screen structures and visible dots


Additional general advantages of SandyScreen products

  • integrate easily in existing workflow and production processes.
  • can be installed without any problems in most current Harlequin and Harlequin-based RIPs.
  • permit easy handling on all current plate-setters (Autologic, basysprint, Newssetter, Polaris etc.).
  • on current presses they ensure a most reliable stability even in high circulation.
  • in-house printing standards (ISO/IFRA) can be maintained or re-defined transparent and easy to handle in the printing process.
  • the screen frequency can be adapted to the product depending on plate and paper type.
  • easy to handle by prepress and printing staff.
  • SandyScreen is neutral and independent


SandyProfessional screening rises your products to a new quality level

  • new advertisers
  • less complaints
  • better profitabiliy
  • strong market position
  • more print orders
  • improved products
  • satisfied customers
  • motivated staff

SandyProfessional: TOP technology for TOP results