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a revolutionary new universal „high fidelity“ screen for

Sheet fed, Web offset and Newsprint

offering unique performance criteria plus major operational and economic advantages

  • Optimal light and shadow details – no dot closure
  • Type and screen frequency can be adapted to the product`s requirements
  • The dot increase can exactly be calculated, steered and controlled
  • Stable and safe production quality – no shifts in tonal values
  • Plate repeatability remains x-times absolutely identical
  • Easy integration in existing equipements – easy handling
  • Optimal rendering of the original data in the print reproduction
  • Replaces traditional AM screens
  • The better alternative to FM and Hybrid
  • Produces an optimal quality – not reached by other screen types
  • Has proven its quality performance in print and production


Scope of application of SandyProfessional QM* screening

*QM = Quality Modulated


(min.! 2400 dpi) up to 304 lpi  

Web offset:

(2400+ dpi) up to 254 lpi  


(from 1270 dpi) normal papers: up to 142 lpi
  enhanced papers: up to 203 lpi

Screen frequencies at choice:

  SandyP permits a choice of frequencies from 132/142/152/178/203lpi and from 203/228/254 to 304 lpi and higher.
(Gradation curves must be adapted to the inhouse parameters, e.g. paper specifications etc.)


  - performance and resolution (dpi) of the exposure unit
- type and performance of plate
- parameters of the printing unit (dot increase etc.)
- compatible RIP (Harlequin basing)

SandyProfessional screening rises your products to a new quality level

  • no more disturbing moirés and mechanical breaks.
  • no annoying screen structures and visible dots.
  • original data supplied appear fully in print thus guaranteeing optimal and true reproduction.
  • the plate repeatability is x-times absolutely identical and shows no shifts in tonal value.
  • the dot increase can be calculated, supervised and controlled.
Additional general advantages of SandyScreen`s screen products:
  • integrate easily in existing workflow and production processes.
  • can be installed without any problems in most current Harlequin and Harlequin-based RIPs.
  • permit easy handling on all current plate-setters (Autologic, basysprint, Newssetter, Polaris etc.).
  • on current presses they ensure a most reliable stability even in high circulation.
  • in-house printing standards (ISO/IFRA) can be maintained or re-defined transparent and easy to handle in the printing process.
  • the screen frequency can be adapted to the product depending on plate and paper type.
  • easy to handle by prepress and printing staff.
  • no additional or new investments or modification of existing equipments required SandyScreen is neutral and independent


The printing element SandyProfessional for newspapers

SandyScreen`s printing element (screen dot) SandyProfessional replaces the traditional AM screens still used and offers advantages against hybrid and FM screening methods.

It improves the printing and image quality noticeably. The screen retreats into the background and is no longer disturbing due to its finer resolution.

SandyProfessional is applicable to web and sheet-fed printing. The existing printing techniques and installations need not be changed.

The screen frequency can be adapted to the product in a range of 122-152L/inch or even higher in special cases. Internal printing standards can be maintained or re-defined (IFRA/ISO).

SandyProfessional has been specially designed for CtP and CtcP.

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