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Statements of some of our clients

  • A project team comprising in-house specialists, Eurografica and SandyScreen experts succeeded in significantly improving the quality of black/white and 4colour images
  • A reorganisation of our repro department combined with intensive professional training increased both staff motivation and performance
  • Since introducing SandyScreen and installing SandyP, we have noted that the number of subscribers has increased and that advertising agencies hold the product in high esteem. We have also noted a complaint rate of virtually zero
  • On the local market the number of colour advertisements has increased considerably
  • We highly recommend SandyScreen`s and Eurografica`s professional competence and optimisation concept
  • Since installing of SandyP, we have increased our number of advertisers and achieved higher circulation figures
  • The SandyScreen / Eurografica optimisation resulted in a stable, highquality production process
  • Advertisements are now reproduced with excellent, brilliant image quality and editorial image reproductions exhibit no visible screen elements or other distractions, such as moiré effects, rosettes, etc.
  • There was no need to modify existing machinery
  • There was no need to reallocate employees; quality targets were achieved through motivation and education
  • We were able to dispense with costly outsourcing. Previously outsourced heatset magazines are now printed on our in-house coldset equipment
  • We can now produce our magazines using entirely our own ressources. Their scope has almost doubled
  • For the first time in the history of our company, we were awarded first prize as the best newspaper in the country and best printer of the year
  • Thanks to SandyScreen, we were elected member of the IFRA Colour Quality Club and thus rank among the 50 best newspapers in the world
  • With the launch of ist SandyP screen element, the SandyScreen process brought about a revolutionary change - and it worked!
  • Going beyond newspapers into Selected Commercial Printing would lead to greater utilization of the equipment, better revenues and better return on investment through the opportunity to print magazines, brochures etc.